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How to Sterilize your Autoclave

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Want to know theĀ autoclave / ultraclave cleaning procedureĀ for the Tuttnauer and Midmark brands?

First note, to preserve optimal performance on your medical equipment its importantĀ maintain your autoclaves sanitation on a regular basis, whether it be daily, weekly or as needed.

Prior to the disinfection and sterilization processes, all instruments must be cleaned to remove organic and inorganic debris. You will see the ultrasonic cleaner increase the instrument processing efficiency and a reduction in the handling of sharp instruments.

We suggest using theĀ Midmark m250 CleanerĀ or theĀ Tuttnauer Ultrasonic cleanerĀ available in 1 and 3 gallon capacity.

Video: How to Clean & Care for your Midmark M9/M11 Autoclave

– Priority Health Supplies

If your a Nurse and like to Travel…

This post is for you.

We recently came across an entertaining way for nurses to pass the time during work when their not busy of course šŸ˜‰ Ā To enjoy beautiful photography of travel destinations from the USA to around the world.

Anguilla Caribbean travel destination
Anguilla, a Caribbean Island

This page even allows you to add your own favorite travel spots.

nurses who like traveling

If your a nurse, you deserve a few minutes to yourself for working hard, click hereĀ and discover beautiful travel destinations. Don’t feel left out.

-PHS Staff

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